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For sale beautiful estate surrounded by greenery

zona como

The beautiful estate that the Horse Point has the pleasure to offer for sale covers an area of about 170,000 square meters entirely fenced by a laurel hedge with a wire mesh inside 2 meters high. It is without doubt the most beautiful estate in Brianza, the economic heart of Lombardy. Wanting the extension of the land can be increased by a lot with neighboring land. The property is just below the Prealps, extends on the top and south side of the first hill north of Milan. The altitude is 320 m above sea level. The main villa of 800 sqm, built-in bio-architecture, was partly built in 1981 and in 2000 was completely renovated and enlarged. Also in 2000 most of the structures were built. The roofs are covered with natural slate, all canals and tinsmithing were made of copper. The property was born as a villa with a private equestrian center. Now it also has 9 golf holes with Club House and restaurant.

The golf driving range includes a pitching green and putting green of 40 x 80 meters (former sand course for horse riding) and a driving range of approx. 100 x 320 meters which is also a flying range and it's authorized by ENAC, the Italian Civil Aviation Authority as a runway for helicopters and airplanes.

The indoor stables for horses are made of laminated wood (56 x 28 m) with windows and an electrically opening door. Today it is used during the day for golf training and in the evening as a football pitch (7 + 7). A new structure with 5 changing rooms inside with showers and toilets (for golf, and football) insists on the property. There are several warehouses for the maintenance of machinery that can be easily transformed into other uses. In the property there is a 50 KWatt photovoltaic power plant with income. The property is all irrigated with a private water well that was originally a municipal aqueduct. A parking lot has been built for 100 cars. The passive solar house that produces its own heating was partly built in 1981 and completely expanded and renovated in 2000, since then it has been inhabited by the owner. It is built on two floors, ground floor and basement with an area of 800 square meters. The windows are all triple-glazed shatterproof. The private garden of the house has a fenced area of approx. 6000 square meters finely planted. In 2000 a swimming pool with beaches and a pond with lotus flowers and water lilies were added. There are also changing rooms and bathrooms, there is also an outdoor dining area with dedicated kitchen and patio. The property is completed by two annexes of 50 square meters each for guests plus an independent building of three bedrooms with living room and two bathrooms for an area of 120 square meters.

Expansion projects
In addition to the opportunities for expansion of agricultural activities, the existing living space can easily be expanded by an additional 800 square meters, for example, another 28 rooms can be built.

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For sale renovated farmhouse

Zona di Salice Terme

For sale near Willow baths a beautiful property of 7 hectares, completely fenced. With everything working dairy farm outbuilding in accordance with law , breeding and trade opportunities goats.

1 Construction type red brick house of about 100m2 that mask the reservoir water aqueduct for the exclusive use of the estate with an accumulation of more than 230 m3 of water that is served at home by suitable pump .

2 manor house of approximately 140 m2 on two levels with cellar and garage of 50 m2. Lounge with fireplace.

The villa is equipped with a portico of about 100 m2 which surrounds it on three sides.

Courtyard with barbeque and fireplace oven .

3 house of approximately 100 m2 on one level with 2 bedrooms , 2 bathrooms, lounge, kitchen, courtyard paved in brick and LPG heating with convectors and wood burning stove .

Large private garden with exclusive fence.

4 Cellar for storing various materials , well insulated for wine, oil, etc. .

5 Admissions ( 3 ) for host animals or always present on site.

6 Villa of approximately 95 m2 called " house hunting " on a level with 1 bedroom, 2 bathrooms kitchen and living room with a beautiful fireplace , wood stove , gas heating boiler and radiators. Beautiful courtyard planted in the countryside covered with interlocking concrete .

7 In the area there are two large blocks of buildings . In one is at the ground floor laboratory cheese production , cell, zone sales and services to the dairy in accordance with HACCP , upstairs a space of about 110 m2. The other block is an open porch with solid stone walls and wooden beams at sight for the housing farm implements and an area of about 40 m2 + loft 15 m2 designed for workshop maintenance tools.

8 In rural areas there are unheated rooms used for storage of firewood.

9 Stable for shelter animals of about 280 m2 entirely of wood with concrete platform support fully served by light water, milking parlor built in 2009.

10 barn of 105 m2 . Built in 2011 .
Electrical and plumbing have been completely redone in 2010 by certified companies that will be left as a dowry to the new owner .
All residential buildings are equipped with safety railings .

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