Our tensile structures are made of hot galvanized iron, the roof of our tensile structure is made of fireproof PVC 700gr, the color of the sheet can be chosen from a wide range of colors.

The new tensile structures that we offer you comply with all the regulations in force both with regard to snow load, wind and earthquake.
Our Tensile structures can be used in various areas from indoor riding for 'riding, for agility dog, or as storage agricultural equipment, van, etc...

The strength of the tensile structures that we propose is precisely the ease of assembly that takes place through stakes, all this allows you not to have to carry out masonry with a big economic saving and a higher probability of being able to obtain permits from the municipality.

The tensile structures in question have various sizes ranging from 10 to 25 m wide.
The telepathic design of our tensile structures has a 10-year warranty.